Simon Lee Guitars

Recycled Material for Guitar Body

Cyclotron Guitars are built using one of these recycled plastics as the body material, part of a unique sandwich design.

You can choose the material you want to be part of the body of your Cyclotron from the material selection below.

3d recycling symbol Simon Lee, routing the outline of a guitar body from a sheet of recycled plastic in the workshop

All six materials are available for all models - the choice is yours. The materials have very different looks; they all come from different sources. Each guitar will be unique, as the random nature of the colour distribution is part of the manufacturing process. Watch out for new materials to be added to the range.



Off cuts from industrial pipes. The mixture of colours produce a hot volcanic effect.

Double Espresso

Vending Machine Coffee Cups which show as chips of cream and beige in a grey/ black base. This material polishes well to granite like appearance.


Reclaimed plastics from food production industry. Semi translucent with black veining. Looks like a very heavy marble



Sparkling fragments of crushed CDs suspended in translucent blue from office water cooler bottles, hard to show in a photo.
Some CDs were seized and crushed by Trading Standards raids on illegal music copyists.


Factory reject Yoghurt pots with foil fragments from lids embedded in a white stone like material. Snow like Double Espresso polishes to a hard shine.


Domestic bottles and containers of all types. Gives very vivid splashes and streaks of colour moving through the material. It even has a fresh soapy smell when first machined.

The Cyclotron range will expand incorporating new designs as new materials become available.