Guitar Burning Speed Review

guitar burning speed review

“Learn to play like Eddie Van Halen in just two weeks!” Any site that proclaims such a statement is leaving itself open for heavy scrutiny. More than anything, it can catch the eye of a less knowledgeable consumer and wind them up with a bad deal.

But before we can totally blow out Guitar Burning Speed, we should consider that maybe the site founders have actually stumbled upon some secret guitar Zen that will allow players to quadruple their talent in a hundredth of the time.

In our Guitar Burning Speed review, we will discuss whether or not Guitar Burning Speed makes true on its promise of two weeks to guitar stardom.

So, What Is Included In This Program?

An eBook, accompanying audio files, five blues jam tracks, and a hundred and one MIDI drum tracks. Oh, and the aforementioned promise to teach you how to play like Eddie Van Halen in only two weeks, as well.

First off, the eBook. The eBook is basically a glorified practice regimen containing basic exercises that are meant to increase finger strength and speed. Note that I didn’t say it includes practice licks, picking techniques, or any sort of instructional material. That’s because it doesn’t. The accompanying audio files are of very poor quality, almost as if they were recorded in a closet using a microphone. This means most of you audio learners are out of luck as far as learning by ear goes.

blues jam tracks

The five blues jam tracks are actually the highlight of the entire program, as they are fairly decent and provide a great backing for some improvisation. However, you don’t actually learn any techniques with which to improvise in the program, so if you are a beginner, the tracks are basically useless. If you have a moderate knowledge of playing, you will be better off. However, this is counterpoint to the fact that the program is aimed at beginners.

While having a hundred and one drum tracks sounds nice, most of them are poorly constructed and clearly written by an amateur drummer, or at the very least someone who has very little knowledge of drumming. Basically, you will find yourself struggling to make much of anything out of them, which is a bit disappointing as they could have made a fine selling point.

All in all, the conclusion of our Guitar Burning Speed review is that the product is a flop. The product would have been a fairly decent add on to your practice regimen had it not been touted as a one track course to make you a guitar god in fourteen days’ time. However, the falling point is that the creators spent more time fluffing up their site to catch the unknowing eye rather than adding quality material to their program.

The bottom line is, if you don’t mind spending twenty dollars for a basic practice routine, then this program will be a perfect addition to your playing regimen. However, if you don’t believe a basic practice routine is worth twenty dollars (and most of us don’t) then you’d be best off passing up on this one.

We Don’t Recommed Guitar Burning Speed!

Instead, if you are looking for GREAT ONLINE LESSONS, check out Jamplay or Guitar Tricks instead. These are REAL programs that gives you a wholistic lead guitar education and not some fluffy marketing BS from