How Long Does it Take to Teach Yourself Guitar And Start Playing Some Songs?

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Starting something new is always a great thing. If you are new to guitar, and you are a bit apprehensive about jumping headfirst into the instrument, that’s understandable. In fact, most people like to know a few things before making any large time related commitments. And guitar is definitely a large time related commitment.

In this article, we’ll talk about just how long it actually takes to teach yourself guitar.

All of these little things will affect the amount of time it takes you to “teach” yourself guitar. We use the word “teach” lightly because, in all technical sense, it only takes a single second to teach yourself guitar; pick up the guitar and BAM, you’re teaching yourself how to play that very moment.

Difference Between Teaching And Learning

Teaching is fairly different from learning, and this is why it is important to have your goals set up. Don’t make them too easy, but also don’t make them too hard; you want a set of goals that are achievable. Preferably by the end of a week; that way you can start next week’s learning with the confidence of knowing that you’ve made some progress.

While some guitarists claim to “teach themselves,” none of us actually do; we use books and tabs and videos to learn. In reality, that isn’t teaching yourself; that as learning from a source. Don’t let this get you down and force you into seclusion.

Learning from sources is the best way to learn guitar at your own personal pace and level. You know yourself, and only you know your taste in music. Using sources to learn how to play will allow you to develop the skills particular to your taste in music.

Now that you know a bit more about teaching yourself guitar, and how long it may take to learn something while teaching yourself, get off the computer and go play!

How Much Does a Guitar Cost?

With the busy lives that we run today, sometimes it’s important to realize we need to just take a break, and pick up a hobby we enjoy. Whether you volunteer your time at an animal shelter, or you want to pick up a new guitar, these are great pass times and allow us to just unwind a bit.

If you’re in the market to look for a nice guitar, there are so many to choose from these days. There are lots of different brands to consider, many different accessories, and even books to consider purchasing. Although, if you’re just looking for the cost of a guitar, continue reading below.

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Since there are a few different types of guitars, the prices will tend to vary. Some will be more expensive than others, while others are cheaper. It all depends on where you shop, if you go new, or if you go used. Continue to read as I name the average price for each type.

How Much Does an Acoustic Cost?

• You will find that the average cost for a good acoustic will be around $250. A tip for this is to consider a used Ovation or Martin.

How Much Does an Electric Cost?

• If you want to start playing electric guitar, you can look at around $300 for one. As far as good brands for an electric guitar, Ibanez, Scheter, and even Fenders are considered great!

As you can see, the prices will range, but regardless, whether you go acoustic or electric, you will pay around $250-$300 for your guitar. Now, if you’d like accessories for your guitar, the prices of these are listed below.

How Much Do Amps Cost?

• Amps can range a lot in price. If you’d like small ones that are pretty simple, you can expect to pay only $100 or so. Now, if you’d like top notch like Marshalls or Engl, you can expect to pay thousands.

How Much Do Instruction Books and DVDs Cost?

• These are pretty cheap and can even be bought used for just a few bucks!

If you’re looking for a whole start-up cost for your guitar, you can usually spend around $500 and be pretty set. Just remember to include things like guitar picks, as well as straps to get you started! Also, compare the prices for different brands, stores, and even used items online to find the best deal!

Hopefully, this short introduction has given you some insights as a beginner to the guitar instrument. Feel free to check out the rest of the website for more tips and lessons.

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